Today’s Volume Pills review will closely look at this all-natural remedy for improving your libido and sexual performance.

Use of all-natural supplements will offer you the desired results you seek without you taking any steroids or synthetic chemicals.

The main aim of semen enhancers is to perfect semen and sperm production.

Volume Pills Review

Is this important for your sexual well-being? 

Certainly, since as you ejaculate the penile muscles are forced to contract harder for longer and with greater intensity – but within closer intervals – which helps pump it out.

Order Volume Pills – The #1 Semen Enhancer in Today’s Market

Volume Pills works since it harnesses a powerful combo of nutrients, herbs, and plants that are clinically proven to boost male reproductive health.

Like other semen enhancers, Volume Pills aim at boosting your orgasm strength, semen volume, reproductive health, and gratification, thus turning your sex life around.

Next in our Volume Pills Review, we will look at Volume pill manufacturer, ingredients, benefits and results from taking it.

Who makes Volume Pills

This product is manufactured and sold by a company called Leading Edge Health.

All supplements from this company created in a legitimate and licensed facility. This means that this pill is safe for consumption so it’s worth buying.

Since Volume Pills take advantage of a potent mix of natural ingredients that are clinically proven to help you:

  • Ejaculate more during each orgasm up to 500% times
  • Get bigger, longer and thicker erections that can last longer
  • Improve your sexual performance as well as longevity
  • Boost your self-esteem, confidence, and pleasure
  • Boost your arousal, sexual desire and libido
  • Increase testosterone levels (important in sperm and semen production)
  • Improved sperm motility and quality
  • Improve blood flow as well as circulation

Volume Pills Formula

volume pills supplement factsWhat makes this product efficient and potent?

The success of Volume Pills is attributed to the unique blend of its ingredients.

Each of the ingredients contributes positively to revolutionize your sex life. Also, Volume Pills openly show all their clinical studies – for each ingredient – so you don’t have to doubt these pills working capabilities.

Also, each of the following ingredients has been combined at optimal doses which guarantees that your virility is safeguarded.

  • Ling Zhi

This mushroom offers numerous benefits. Besides working as an antioxidant, Ling Zhi supports your immune system, increases libido and reduces anxiety & stress.

  • Solidin

Associated with increased sexual desire and motivation and desire.

This ingredient is scientifically proven to boost your sexual health since it binds onto neurons that determine your sexual pleasure and even the intensity of erections you get.

Since there is L-Dopa in Solidin, this component can help heighten your arousal/libido because this compound works in the brain as a pleasure-giving transmitter.

  • Hong Hua Fen

Not a popular ingredient in most male enhancement supplements. This compound is included in Volume Pills thanks to its ability to enhance blood flow and the quality of erections.

In supporting the dilation of blood vessels, Hong Hua Fen helps increase circulation which enables you to have stronger and longer-lasting erections.

Also, it can greatly boost sperm volume, which helps enhance the longevity and intensity of your orgasms.

  • Ku Ga

Ku Ga herb is famed for increasing testosterone levels as well as sexual desire, which contributes to enhanced semen production.

Also, the increased testosterone levels help you burn excess body fat which can help make your penis appear bigger.

  • Tian Men Tong

Notable for heightening sperm counts as well as erection quality. Asparagus Tube ( another name for Tian Men Tong) works better when taken alongside testosterone boosters.

  • Drizilen

Known to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, this increased release helps ensure you enjoy from sustainable, healthier and faster blood flow which is capable of improving the erection quality.

For example, by enhancing your blood circulation, the extra blood gets to your penis quicker – on arousal – resulting in stronger and thicker erections that last longer.

How to Use it

The manufacturer recommends you take 2 pills daily and for optimum results, use this product for an extended period to maintain the results.

1 pack has 60 pills and should be used for 30 days.

When taking this product, you can either split the dose into 2 frames times each day, that is morning and night. Also, you can take it once every morning.

If you split, be sure to take your pills 20 to 30 minutes before your respective meal.

If you opt to take the tablet once every day, then take it about 30 to 40 minutes before having breakfast. This allows for enough time for the pill to disintegrate in your body.

Also, take the pills accompanied by plenty of water which allows them to properly flow in your stomach.

Avoid using caffeine, alcohol or carbonated beverages for taking Volume Pills, as they might hinder the effectiveness of the capsules.

Why People Use Volume Pills


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Primarily, Volume Pills focuses on stimulating higher semen volume. But, adding this pill to your supplements and you can expect the following results:

  • Increased testosterone levels which will enhance your libido.
  • Increased semen volume (up to 500%) during each ejaculation.
  • Motivates sex activities and gives you vitality for new sexual ideas.
  • Rock hard and stronger erections that provide sexy appeal and boldness to your penis.
  • Revitalized penis tissues and size change owing to enhanced blood flow.

With increased blood flow and enhanced tissue health, you’ll have improved control for semen release, thus inhibiting premature ejaculation.

Pros and Cons


  • Best supplement for increasing semen volume by a 500% hike.
  • Designed using plant-based ingredients and uses 12 potent herbal ingredients.
  • Manufactured in a cGMP facility following international standards.
  • Offers stronger stamina, erection and increased libido.
  • To date no reports on major side effects.
  • Provides intense orgasms that last longer than usual.


  • Not budget-friendly (without any offers).
  • Needs to take 2 pills a day for best result.

Money-back Guarantee

This product comes with a 67-day full money-back guarantee excluding shipping costs if incurred.

The user should send two empty boxes of the used product Pills to the manufacturer within 60 days after purchase.

Unopened packages also qualify for a refund.

NOTE: Refund is only given if you return the opened and unopened items within the 67 days. Refunds are given for one order only per customer.


In this Volume Pills review, we have noted that this supplement is the only effective option if you want to increase your semen volume without using chemical drugs.

Besides semen volume, what other benefits does this product offer?

Some of the benefits of using Volume Pills are stronger erections, increased libido, more intense orgasm, etc.

Though it is pricey, Volume Pills is the safest and convenient option you will find on the net.