TestRX  is considered to be one of the best T-boosters on the market today. It boasts some pretty bold claims like bigger muscles, more strength, and better overall athletic performance. A few friends and I decided that we’d put the supplement to the test for ourselves. But, before we get into the how and why of this TestRX™ review, I’ll quickly go over the basics of the supplement.

TestRX Testosterone Booster

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What Is TestRX & How Does it Work?

TestRX™ is what’s known as a testosterone booster. It’s comprised of all-natural ingredients and is specially designed to stimulate your body to naturally produce more of its own testosterone. There are no synthetic ingredients or dangerous steroids, making it safe and effective for men that want to eliminate fat, increase muscle, and enjoy more energy throughout the day.

TestRX: A Friendly Competition

The owner of our gym regularly works out alongside myself and a few of my crew. We’d recently noticed that he was bulking up faster than ever, and asked him what was up. He told us about this “amazing new testosterone booster” he’d been using to take things to the next level. It was called TestRX, and according to him, it was the best bodybuilding supplement on the market.

After some debate, a group of gym buddies finally decided a little friendly competition was in order. Whoever lost more fat and increased the most lean muscle mass would be declared the winner. We set up a Whatsapp group to track our progress along the way.

To make sure we were all on an even playing field, we set a couple of ground rules:

  1. Each of us had to take the recommended TestRX™ dosage.
  2. We couldn’t change our regular diet in any other way.
  3. Everything else is game – we could workout as much or as little as we wanted.

Why the rules? We wanted to make sure the results were legit. Let’s face it. Most of us had been looking for a better way to get more out of our gym experience for years. If TestRX™ was able to meet half the promises it touted, we’d planned to keep on using it.

What TestRX Results Were We Looking for?

TestRX™ makes a lot of promises. After doing a bit of my own research, most of the ingredients found within the supplement were science-back and proven to be effective. But come on… An all-natural T-booster that increases muscle, improves strength, and even helps with sex drive? We were determined to find out.

For our little experiment, we decided to keep track of the following claims. If TestRX™ was legit, we should see;

  • More Energy
  • Fat Reduction
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Faster Recovery Times
  • & Just for Fun… A Bigger Sex Drive

So, we know testosterone is the building block for optimizing our gym experience. But, what makes TestRX™ different?

The TestRX Difference

If you’ve been into the bodybuilding lifestyle for any amount of time, or hell even the gym scene, you’ve probably tried a few things to enhance your results. Creatine and whey powder can help in the short-term but the effects often fade quickly and they lack testosterone which is essential for increasing real muscle mass. Steroids can mimic the effects of testosterone but are often dangerous, especially in the long run.

TestRX™ is comprised of all-natural, high-impact ingredients. The dietary supplement is unique because it works to naturally increase your own testosterone levels. TestRX™ also aids in nutrient absorption and bioavailability. It’s proven to increase T-levels and your athletic performance by up to 42%. Pretty freakin’ impressive if you ask me!

Our Actual TestRX Reviews & Results

The supplement says you’ll start to see real results in about 8-weeks. We decided to give TestRX™ an extra 4-weeks just to be sure. With a full 12-weeks to get pumped with TestRX, we’d surely see something. Once our supplements arrived, we were stoked to see where it could take us.

I somehow got the responsibility of collecting and recording our results along the way and we’ll just say, none of the guys were too shy about giving their thoughts on the supplement… It was an interesting couple of months. Check out our progress below.

Month One

In the first week, I was a little underwhelmed with texts from our group chat. Very few of us noticed any significant changes, but we all knew it could take several weeks to see results from the supplement. A few of us started seeing more energy about 3-weeks into our supplementation.

Here are some highlights from the first month we took TestRX™:

Day 3: Not seeing much change. Might have a little more energy?” – day 3

“Doubled my weight-lifting time plus did some extra cardio and feel like a rockstar. Maybe this stuff isn’t all hype…” – day 16

“Woke up with more energy and hit the gym earlier. Definitely feeling more power too.” – day 23

“Totally feeling energized. Haven’t felt this good since my 20s.” – day 30

As you can see, energy levels across the board started to peak in about 2-3 weeks. Many of us felt stronger when going for bigger weights and weren’t as worn out after a hard workout.

Month Two

About 6-8 weeks in, most of us were really starting to hit our stride. We were even seeing each other at the gym more often. TestRX™ seemed to be doing just what it was supposed to.

Here are some highlights from the second month we took TestRX™:

“Yo. My gains are incredible this week. Put on like 4lb of muscle mass since we started this experiment. You all are going down!” – day 40

“Haven’t changed anything except this TestRX stuff and it’s fucking great. Hit the gym 5x this week and feel great. Anyone else?” – day 45

“I really thought this was gonna be another crock of shit…but I’ve lost some serious fat. Def looking trim. Caught some chick in the parking lot checking out my guns. Would’ve gone after it if I didn’t think the GF would kill me. It’s like I’m ready to go go go all the time now.” – day 60

The overall consensus was pretty good so far. And I gotta say, our band of gym buddies was looking noticeably more shredded.

Month Three

The main thing we began to notice once month three came around was faster recovery times even after a longer, harder workout. As for myself, I’d be lifting more than twice as long as I was able to before, and never felt winded. In fact, I felt more liberated and ready to go again almost immediately after leaving the gym.

Here are some highlights from the third month we took TestRX™:

“Thought I’d need an extra day to recover after yesterday but I’m legit ready to go. Anyone at the gym now????” – day 62

“Feeling totally shredded. Best yet, I don’t think it’s peaked for me yet. I feel better every single day so far!” – day 71

“My wife says my muscles have muscles. I even got some in the shower this morning. WTF?!” – day 81

“Dude. Just smashed another goal. I’m crushing it.” – day 89

As it turned out, figuring out the winner of our little competition was a bit more difficult than we anticipated. We’d all definitely seen significant improvement in most areas. The problem was calculating the importance of who lost more fat compared to who gained the most lean muscle versus who had more overall energy, etc. In the end, we decided to declare our buddy Brian the real winner simply because he was finally getting some from his wife thanks to his newly ripped physique.


Would I Recommend TestRX?

Definitely. Out of all the guys that started taking TestRX™, nearly all of them have since continued with the supplement. In fact, after seeing our progress, a few other guys from the gym started taking the supplement as well. If you’re looking for the best all-natural testosterone booster, TestRX™ might just be for you.

TestRX™ is safe and effective for nearly anyone looking to take their workout to the next level. Don’t sit by and let low-T levels determine your life. Give yourself the boost you need to feel better about yourself at the gym, at work, in social situations, and even in the bedroom.

TestRX™ Safety & Side Effects

TestRX™ is comprised of all-natural ingredients designed to stimulate your body’s own testosterone production and rapidly increase muscle growth. Each raw material found within the formula is tested and proven to be cGMP compliant for purity and potency. The clinically studied ingredients found within TestRX™ are not linked to any consumer-reported side effects.

While I personally never experienced any problems, one of my gym buddies noted feeling a bit woozy in the first month after hitting it especially hard. After consulting with the rest of our crew, we decided the incident was probably a fluke. It’s still probably a good idea to take the supplement with food and ensure you’re staying hydrated throughout your workouts.

TestRX Ingredients

TestRX Ingredients

ZMA is one of the world’s most well-known dietary supplements for bodybuilding, athletic performance, and muscle growth. That’s because ZMA significantly boosts both testosterone and HGH levels. It’s also known to increase energy and improve recovery times so you can hit the gym more often. But TestRX™ doesn’t just stop there…

The full list of TestRX™ ingredients & what they’re used for:

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Saponins): Aids in metabolism and body fat reduction
  • Vitamin D3: Dramatically increases testosterone levels
  • Vitamin K2 (MK4): Keeps testosterone levels from depleting
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL: Aids in testosterone production and hormone regulation
  • Magnesium (Magnesium Aspartate): Increases strength during high physical performance
  • Zinc (Zinc Monomethionine): Boosts athletic (and bedroom) performance
  • D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA): Regulates testosterone synthesis

TestRX™ is not a steroid. It is a daily dietary supplement and does not need to be cycled. Take it twice a day as recommended and you’re good to go. Yet another reason I’d consider TestRX™ to be one of the best bodybuilding secrets out there.

The TestRX Guarantee

When you buy direct from the manufacturer, you’ll be able to take advantage of the TestRX™ money-back guarantee. You get 60-days to try it, and if you don’t see the results you want there’s no harm done. Return your EMPTY containers (up to 2-month supply) within 67-days for a full refund. A company that’s that confident in their product really has got some balls.

Where Can You Buy TestRX?

Lemme tell you. When a supplement is as good as TestRX, there’s sure to be plenty of competition out there. Here’s a quick story…

One of my more *frugal* buddies decided to get a discount product from another site that claimed to offer the “proprietary blend of TestRX™ at half the cost.” Overall he saw fewer results in the long run compared to the rest of us and ended up giving up on it. He didn’t have any luck trying to get ahold of the seller via customer service, and in the end, he was stuck with a supplement that didn’t work.

We’re not sure if his shipment was a full-on fake or just expired but the packaging definitely looked off. I gave him enough of my stash until his TestRX™ arrived direct from the source. After a couple of weeks on the real TestRX™, his results started to become more evident.

Moral of the story? Always shop directly from the manufacturer whenever possible. You’ll save money in the long run and you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Leading Edge Health is a highly reputable supplier that is cGMP-compliant and offers a Certificate of Freshness with each box. They’re available 7-days a week and offer live customer service should you have any questions or concerns. As one of their thousands of loyal customers, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.